Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KATO?2024-01-01T05:39:27+04:00

Knowledge and Technology Officer. KATO is a combination of attaching the abilities of technology, artificial intelligence to the wealth of knowledge that we acquired through our academic studies and professional experiences. Allowing the Ai machine learning to have selective access to legal information and knowledge that is very carefully is selected by professionals in the field who are able to qualify the legal data fed to the Ai to come out with a tool that helps lawyers, legal consultants, at all levels as well as anyone who is seeking access to legal information.

Are my conversations with KATO confidential?2024-01-01T05:39:32+04:00

Yes, all the information you have and choose to share with KATO is solely handled between you and KATO. You have the right and access to delete or save such info upon getting the relevant answers.

How accurate is the legal information provided by KATO?2024-01-01T05:39:37+04:00

KATO is committed to providing accurate and reliable information. We take pride in the fact that our responses are not generated from websites. Instead, our dedicated team of experienced lawyers actively stays informed about the latest legal developments and constantly enters up-to-date information into KATO’s knowledge, ensuring that the responses reflect the most current and accurate state of the law. This meticulous approach, coupled with our commitment to relying on reputable legal sources, emphasizes the precision and reliability of the information provided by our AI paralegal.

What jurisdictions and legal systems does KATO cover?2024-01-01T05:39:41+04:00

Currently, the knowledge of KATO is based on the laws of the United Arab Emirates. By focusing on one jurisdiction, the platform is able to focus on relevant matters and situations which may arise in the UAE.

Why should I choose KATO over other AI lawyers?2024-01-01T05:39:46+04:00

Accuracy and Preciseness. The difference between KATO and the other AI platforms is that KATO is controlled by lawyers. It is an accurate and up to date platform since it does not retrieve answers from various websites, instead it uses the knowledge in its database which has been picked by experienced UAE lawyers. Because it currently solely handles UAE queries, KATO is very knowledgeable and gives extensive insight to the laws and regulations of the UAE.

Should I consider this professional legal advice?2024-01-01T05:39:51+04:00

No, you must always consult a legal professional before taking legal action. KATO is there to guide you and ease the research process as an initial step in any legal matter.

How do I ask KATO my questions?2024-01-01T05:41:54+04:00

Asking KATO the questions should be very easy. You have to mention the subject circumstances like you are speaking to your friend and mention it as a story. Make your question clear, mention what format are you expecting the answer and whether or not you wish KATO to mention to you the number and the name of the law that KATO has referred to when answering to you. Some details may be relevant like the date and the location of facts relevant to your question.

How can KATO assist me in legal matters?2024-01-01T05:43:10+04:00

Access to information and knowledge will help KATO make the answers. Your benefit is to get access to such information and knowledge by KATO that reads and delivers a simple format of such knowledge saving you huge time and effort. You can ask as much as you need to make sure the info you need is easily outlined. KATO is not a lawyer and the information provided cannot be interpreted as legal advice. However, such knowledge can give you guidance on what law you need to refer to regarding your question.

Can I ask questions in languages other than English?2024-01-01T05:44:31+04:00

No. Currently, KATO can only respond to questions which are in English.

How much does it cost?2024-03-13T22:46:54+04:00

You can get access to KATO for as low as $10 per month. This amount is charged automatically from the user’s account on a monthly basis. Visit our pricing page to find the package suitable for your needs.

What are KATO’s capabilities?2024-01-01T05:47:08+04:00

An AI legal researcher can catalyze business growth by swiftly and comprehensively navigating vast legal databases. By expediting legal research processes, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory changes and can contribute their time to build their strategies. The AI legal researcher, with its ability to synthesize complex legal information rapidly, becomes an indispensable tool in navigating the intricacies of the legal landscape.

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