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I grew up in a family of lawyers. My father is a lawyer, my three elder sisters are lawyers as well as myself. When I was young my father was very well known at school as he was appointed as the CEO of the board of directors which was composed of the parents of the school. My younger brother – who is the only one in our family not a lawyer – was also very popular at school. He was known to be the son of the lawyer who runs the school.

For so many years and to some extent still, lawyers in Egypt are called and known as “AboKato” at least among a certain group of people who are using pure Egyptian dialect slang. Some still use the word “Metr” Which originated from Maître which means lawyer in French. The word is derived from the French word Avocat and the Italian word Avvocato as both cultures have left a few words behind from the time of the Egyptian kingdom before 1952 when a lot of Europeans used to live and work in Egypt.

So, my brother’s friends have cut the word Abokato into two. The First piece is the word “Abo” which means father of someone or the man of something. The second piece of the word is “Kato” which has no meaning in Arabic but using the genius logic of kids, they told him if your father is called “Abo-Kato” it means that you are KATO. Since then, his nickname is KATO for the last 30 years at least.

From this I derived the name KATO. On the other hand, KATO is not a lawyer, it is a tool for lawyers to use based on a merger between Technology and Information or Knowledge that is fed to it. The abbreviation KATO stands for Knowledge and Technology Officer.

Ahmed Elnaggar

Founder of Kato


“KATO’s mission is to revolutionize legal research by harnessing the power of AI to provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive legal insights. We strive to empower legal professionals with advanced technology, enabling them to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently.”


“Our vision is to become a leading force in legal tech by continuously advancing our AI capabilities. We envision a world where legal professionals can focus on strategic decision- making, supported by the most sophisticated and intuitive digital research assistant available – KATO.”

Our Values

“At KATO, we are committed to innovation, excellence, and integrity. We value the trust placed in us by our users and pledge to uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy. Our team is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement, ensuring that our technology not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of the legal industry.”


Meet the Team

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